Hongdefa after sales service for maize mill and wheat flour mill machine

Since 1982, we Hongdefa Machinery specialized in doing flour milling machines.

For now, we become the top factory which has approximately 120 workers, a manufacturing factory 50000 square meters, and 5000 square meters of production workshop, 6000 square meters warehouses, 1000 square meters of office space.

1. Hongdefa factory view

Hongdefa factory view

We just manufacturing maize mill and wheat flour mill machine.

Our market is for all over the world, special in Africa , South American and Asia.


Customer photo from all over the world

Since 2007, we opened the branch office in Lusaka of Zambia,where has a big storage room, easy access to some machines and spare parts for Zambia customers.

The manager Mr Dongpu Guo lives in Lusaka all the year, and if any needs, he can go to visit customers in Zambia and see the site of land or workshop building and give some good advise to customers who bought the maize flour mill machine and wheat flour mill.

And in 2016, we opened the third branch office in Adis Ababa of Ethiopia for wheat flour mill plant.

In Sydney of Australia,and we have agent from Brazil and Kenya.

All the branch office can supply very good sales service for flour mill machines.

Our projects show over the world

3. customers gave good feedback

All the customers gave the good feed back for maize flour mill plant and wheat flour mill machines.

We are the top supplier for maize flour mill and wheat flour mill is not only depend on the machines best quality, but also we are doing the best after sales service for all the customers.
When the machines arrived in the customer’s factory, we start to do the after sales service.

We will do the visa and arrange air ticket for our engineer who will go to customer’s country for guiding installation, testing the machines and train the local workers.

4. Engineer installation and training.

Engineer installation and training

The engineer will stay in the customers factory in 1-3months, living and working with the customers and local workers. They communication with each other by English, no problem.
The customers supply the accommodation, such as house, food and some other daily necessities is ok.

All the customers’ local workers should be guided by engineer. Do all the works, such as doing foundation, moving the machines, welding, cutting, testing all the machines and so on. They should ask the engineer’s advice.

The engineer is responsibility for making installation perfectly and all the machines running perfectly.

Take installation of maize mill plant example. After finishing the installation, the customers should prepare the maize for testing the machines, then you can check the quality of the final products weather it is good for local market.

In Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Cameroon always like the super fine white maize flour. You can check the final products mesh size is ok for your local market or not. Then our engineer can adjust and test the machines according to your inquiry.

In Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, people like the maize meal, the mesh size is bigger than Uganda maize flour.

Our engineer is very professional for testing the machines for doing different maize flour and maize meal.

When you think the machines and final products are good, our engineer can finish his work.

If there is any issues in the installation, pls contact with our after sales team.

5. hongdefa-team

Hongdefa team for sales and marketing for flour mill machines.

Our after sales team

6. Team photo for after sales and marketing.

Team photo for after sales and marketing

Our after sales manager is Ms. Jane who is very professional. when you get the machines, you can talk with her then she will arrange all the service for you.

We hope to get win-win with our customers

So all the details make perfect is our main work purpose.

Most welcome to visit Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd for seeing maize milling machines and wheat flour milling machines. We have the running production line for showing you.