Our cooperation with rwanda is serious

Our Cooperation with Rwanda is serious! Hongdefa with Rwanda for the maize milling field!

According to local media reports, Alibaba Group Executive Chairman Ma Yun and Rwandan President Paul Kagame signed an agreement recently, the two sides will cooperate to establish an electronic world trade platform (EWTP) to promote the development of Rwanda’s digital economy.


Ma Yun and President of Rwanda

It is understood that the establishment of the platform will achieve cross-border trade in goods, and to a certain extent promote the development of tourism in Rwanda.

This time, the cooperation between the two parties is also in line with Rwanda’s vision of creating a world-class digital infrastructure, and Rwanda will therefore become the first country in Africa to establish an EWTP platform.


Rwanda President Spokesperson Mark Roth had a official launch of EWTP AFRICA

The major media in Rwanda have also heatedly debated, and the largest newspaper, The New Times, expressed a warm welcome to Alibaba in October. A spokesperson for the President of Rwanda praised this as a subversive opportunity for change in Rwanda and an opportunity for Africa as a whole!

3.Beautiful Rwanda

On October 23, Rwanda officially exempted Chinese citizens from visas

Mr Ma said: “I am very pleased that Rwanda is the first African country to cooperate with eWTP. I hope that Rwanda and other African countries will be able to take advantage of this digital economic development opportunity, and I will do my best to help them succeed”.

Cooperation with Rwanda, we are serious!

Rwanda develop very fast recently years. The Ugali as the local basic main food, everyone, everywhere in Rwanda, people will consuming the maize meal to make main food.

4.Delicious food in Rwanda

Main food in Rwanda

In Rwanda market, compare with Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia or other around countries, the maize flour is much super pure and fine maize flour to meet local market.

Hongdefa is committed to develop maize milling plant to suitable for the Rwandan market for many years.

5. Hongdefa Factory

Hongdefa Factory

After years develop, We found the ways make the maize mill system will make the flour really super pure and fine to meet Rwanda market needs. The flour much better than Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania and so on around countries.

We have many maize milling plants running in Rwanda.

6. Rwanda 30T maize mill

30T/24H maize milling plant in Rwanda

The client start the 30T/24H maize milling machine, he found it’s really a very good high efficient and durable maize milling plant, then he introduce our machine to his friend, so now they both running our 30T/24H maize milling plant.

Nowadays we are installing 50T/24H maize milling plant in Rwanda

7. Rwanda 50T maize mill

During the Contain Fair, more and more Rwanda client come to China visit Hongdefa Machinery and see the running 120T/24H maize milling plant in Hongdefa factory.

8 Hongdefa Maize mill

Rwanda client visit Hongdefa Machinery

Welcome more and more Rwanda clients visit us, Hope our maize milling plants can bring more and more development for Rwanda market develop and make the local people have better and better life.

If you want get more about our maize milling plants, contact with me:

Ms Lila Wei

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Email: wheatmaizemill@vip.126.com

Web: www.flour-mills-machine.com

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