Pre Cooked Corn Flour Mill

pre cooked corn  mill

Precooked corn flour milling machine

Pre-cooked corn flour milling machine  can meet people’s demand to make the corn flour to do Arepa which  is  popular in South America. 

The flaking mill plant,  technology design with Automatic control system, including precleaning ,cleaning , flaking, milling , auto-packing and PLC control system.

—>>>Characteristics of corn flour macking machine: 

1>. Degerminatiring remove all germ and peel

2>. Automatic roller mill with Siemens electrical elements SKF bears.

3>. Pipes in maize milling section is stainless pipes

4>. PLC control system

—>>>Advantage of corn flour macking machine: 

1>. Various final products: super corn flour, corn meal

2>. Machine can be adjust to produce different kind final products depend on market needs

—>>> After service of corn flour macking machine: 

1>. Engineer team for over seas installation and maintain is available

2>.Over seas branch office in Zambia /Uganda/Ethiopia

precooked corn flour mill11

the presessing line is including —>>>

Cleaning - damping - moisture - degerminator - bin - steam bin - flaking mill - hammer mill - single sifter - hammer mill - double sifter - roller mill - sifter - flour bin - packing

pre cooked corn  mill


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